Fort Collins, CO

Soukup, Bush and Associates is the largest CPA firm in Northern Colorado. Our team is made up of over 40 associates who provide professional tax preparation, audits, valuation consulting, cost segregation studies, education, bookkeeping and small business planning. You can find out more about us at

If you become a bookkeeper with us, you will not be merely doing head-down number crunching. We expect all of our associates to build lasting relationships with clients, right from the start. You will not be isolated in a back office or cubicle. We expect all of our associates to work as part of a team whose members may have different roles but who have shared relationships with clients. 

We are seeking a bookkeeper to support our growing and dynamic firm who: 

  • Has recent experience as a full-charge Bookkeeper in a CPA firm or other multi-client environment which would allow him or her to jump into our firm with very little need for training.
  • Knows how to how to build lasting relationships with our clients, through which they can instill customer confidence as a trusted and crucial advisor;
  • Has strong communication and organizational skills, the emotional intelligence, and the professional voice needed to directly communicate with clients; 
  • Has the ability to work in a team-oriented environment, taking direction from peers and supervisors. 

A bookkeeper with Soukup, Bush and Associates will be responsible for:

  • Entering transactions and reconciling accounts for multiple clients; 
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual financials for multiple clients; 
  • Preparing payroll reports for clients; and
  • Assisting clients with general QuickBooks questions.

This will not be the right opportunity for those who:

  • Are not full-charge Bookkeepers, with recent experience in a CPA firm or similar multi-client environment.
  • Want to be isolated and left alone in an office or cube, uninvolved, and disconnected;
  • Lack the drive and accountability needed to meet the expectations of a high-performing team;
  • Lack an understanding of business, human nature, and interpersonal skills; or who
  • Think they’d like the yoke of a traditional accounting firm.

*Expected salary range - $28-$34 per hour and benefits are to be discussed based on individual qualities and experience.

** We will be accepting applications for this position on an ongoing basis, but given the tax season and the specific type of experience we are seeking, the process could move slowly.